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Understanding Deviance : A Guide to the Sociology of Crime and Rule-Breaking (6th) [Paperback]

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Understanding Deviance : A Guide to the Sociology of Crime and Rule-Breaking (6th) [Paperback]

by Downes, David / Rock, Paul

Understanding Deviance provides an indispensable guide to the major themes and theories which have come to form the sociology of crime and deviance, from their origins in the research of the University of Chicago sociology department in the 1920s to the most recent work in cultural criminology.

Downes and Rock's popular textbook, Understanding Deviance, provides the reader with an indispensable guide to criminological theory. It sympathetically outlines the principal theories of crime and rule-breaking, discussing them chronologically, and placing them in their European and North American contexts, confronting major criticisms that have been voiced against them, and constructing defences where appropriate. The book has been thoroughly revised and brought up-to-date to include new issues of crime, deviance, and theory in the early twenty-first century. It includes new studies in the areas of gang and subcultural theory, further discussion of post-modernism and the 'risk society', and assessment of how different approaches address the lengthy fall in crime rate across most democratic and developed societies.
1. Confusion and diversity ; 2. Sources of knowledge about deviance ; 3. The University of Chicago Sociology Department ; 4. Functionalism, deviance, and control ; 5. Anomie ; 6. Culture and subculture ; 7. Symbolic interactionism ; 8. Phenomenology ; 9. Control theories ; 10. Radical criminology ; 11. Feminist criminology ; 12. Deviance theories and social policy ; 13. The metamorphosis and deviance?