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The University That Changed The Rules

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Innovation happens when rules are broken. This is the story of a university that set out to put the student at the centre of empowerment, throwing conventions and traditions out the window. Its pioneering spirit in breaking new ground in higher education is awakening people to think differently about education and how it relates to a new generation growing up in a world dominated by technology.

In the midst of a global crisis where disparities between rich and poor countries are widening and old financial models for fuelling development in under- developed countries have ceased to work,  it is impossible to over-emphasise the urgency of the predicament.

The invitation, to politicians, the corporate community, and to university leaders is to come together in a partnership that accepts the need for a radical shake-up of educational priorities and pedagogic thinking. Limkokwing University of Creative Technology stands ready to play its part, and to build on the successful initiatives described in this book. It extends the hand of friendship to all co-workers in this great endeavour. Nothing less than a concerted Commonwealth-wide project wil do at a time when the prizes of prosperity, peace, social harmony, and oppurtunity for self-fulfillment could so easily slip through our grasp.