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Success English PT3/KSSM - 2019

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SUCCESS English PT3 is a revision guide designed to provide students with comprehensive preparation for the PT3 exam. Based on the new PT3 2019 format and sample instrument,it covers all four papers in the PT3 exam (Reading and Use of English, Writing, Speaking and Listening) and familiarises students with the requirements of each exam task.

  Each key section contains concise notes, exam-focused info, scoring guidelines, model questions & answers, and targeted PT3 practice to build student' confidence in taking the exam.In addition, audio files are provided for the Listening Test section to enable students to practise under exam-like conditions and improve their performance.

Special Features

  • PT3 Info
  • Exam Expectations
  • Tips for Scoring
  • Focused Notes
  • Model Questions & Answers
  • PT3 Practice
  • PT3 Model Paper
  • Audio Files for Listening Texts
  • Complete Answers

100% Exam Targeted

  • Step-by-step guide for each PT3 component
  • Model questions and answers
  • Tips on how to score
  • Audio files for Listening texts


Size: 26 x 19 cm (H x W cm)