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SPM Compendium of 15 Games

RM 22.90

An SPM branded collection of evergreen and famous tried-and-true children board games that is played not only by children but the whole family the world over. This smaller sized sibling to SPM Compendium 30 Games is no less a great game. Most favourite and best selling traditional games like Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Solitaire, Dam/Draughts, Chinese Checkers and many more fun games are combined in this set too.  These games provide hours of fun for the whole family especially for young ones who prefers simple and fast ending games. This 2015 revised edition was creatively designed to increase excitement and game replayability. This game set is also great as a gift for birthdays and children parties. 


6 x playing boards for multiple games 

1 x set of multi coloured playing components 

2 x dices 

1 x instruction booklet (BM & English) 

Suitable for ages 5 years old & above.