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Sahibba Economy BM/Eng

RM 40.90

Malaysia’s first original crossword board game that comes in various editions, bilingual (Bahasa Malaysia and English) editions, Bahasa Malaysia only editions and editions that play Mathematics & Science terminologies in English. This is the original edition of SAHIBBA®, Malaysia’s first crossword board game that can be played in Bahasa Malaysia or English language or both languages at the same time. Commonly used in schools, this edition has become quite a standard game played in classrooms, libraries and language clubs. When played in both languages, SAHIBBA® is a great tool to increase one’s vocabulary bank whilst improve spelling too. This economy edition is lesser in packaging quality but equal in game play to the standard edition. 


1 x playing board 

1 x set of lettered tiles

4 x plastic racks 

1 x instruction manual 

Suitable for ages 7 years old & above.