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Malaysian Economy: Unfolding Growth and Social Change

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Malaysian Economy is textbook for students pursuing undergraduate courses in business, economics, accountancy and finance. This book has a number of pedagogical features that offer the most current and widespread coverage of Malaysian economy. This book is written to meet the increasing demand from undergraduate and graduate students to understand the developments in the Malaysian economy over the last 15 years. It provides a detailed exploration of Malaysia's macroeconomic structure and also the economic issues of concern to policymakers, academics and industry experts that have changed significantly.

This book comprises of 11 esential topics that are compiled together to provide an adequate coverage according to the syllabus prescribed by the Ministry of Higher Education. The contents of this is book also includes text that is written in a straightforward and easy manner and comes with sufficient examples to ensure all concepts are clearly comprehended. In addition, discussion questions are provided at the end of the text to assess the students understanding ability by allowing them to apply critical thinking skills to the given problems.