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Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Vol.1-12 End

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Title Name Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 学战都市
No of Disc 1 Disc (12 Episodes)
Version Japanese 
Subtitles English/Chinese/Malay 
Item Code LF 
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)
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Invertia (meteor storm)… an unprecedented disaster that struck the world during the 20th century. Because of this disaster, numerous cities around the world were destroyed. However, within the meteor, an unknown element called mana (the all-encompassing element), was discovered, which allowed human technology to make rapid strides. This also gave rise to a new species of human born with unique skills – the Star Pulse Generation (Genestella). The setting for the world’s greatest comprehensive battle spectacle, the Festas (Star Warrior Festivals), is an academy city above the water surrounded by six academies called Rikka also commonly known as Asterisk. Having transferred into Seidoukan Academy in order to fulfill his own wish, scholarship student Ayato Amagiri swears he too will fight in this city. Burning souls race… The curtain rises on this school battle spectacle!

故事描述,地球于 20 世纪因落星雨的关系遭受了前所未有的大灾害,在世界激变后的数十年,建立于北关东的多重弹坑湖上的水上学园都市「六花」──在这座通称Asterisk的城市内,以世界最大综合战斗演艺《星武祭》的舞台而远近驰名。分属于六间学园的《星脉世代》少年少女们利用煌式武装,赌上自己的愿望竞争霸业──天雾绫斗也是学生之一。绫斗在星导馆学园学生会长克劳蒂雅的邀请之下来到六花,却在刚转学就惹到《华焰魔女》尤莉丝,被迫进行决斗。「如果你安分一点,我可以将你烤个全熟就好。」「……意思是妳要从里到外将我烧透透吗?」不过就在决斗之中,出现朝向尤莉丝发射的凶弹──? 学园战斗演艺最高峰,就此开演!


Release Date : ( Tuesday , 22 December 2015 )