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Title Name Rakudai Kishi No Cavalry 落第骑士英雄谭
No of Disc 1 Disc (12 Episodes)
Version Japanese 
Subtitles English/Chinese/Malay 
Item Code LF 
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code (16:9)
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The "school sword action" story revolves around Magic Knights, modern magic-users who fight with weapons converted from their souls. Ikki Kurogane goes to a school for these Magic Knights, but he is the "Failed Knight" or "Worst One" who is failing because he has no magical skills. However, one day, he is challenged to a duel by Stella, a foreign princess and the "Number One" student. In this duel, "the loser must be obedient for life."

故事当中,魔法骑士,是一群能将灵魂转化为魔剑,使用魔剑战斗的现代魔法师。黑铁一辉是就读于培育魔法骑士的学校 破军学园的学生,剑术极为高超,但他却极度缺乏魔法才华,导致成绩低劣,被戏称为落第骑士。某日,异国王女 史黛菈单方面对一辉提出决斗,并且要求「败者终生服从胜者」,一辉却不小心击败身为A级骑士的史黛菈,史黛菈心里虽然不情愿,但她的目光却越来越离不开一辉。另一方面,一年一度的骑士王资格争夺战即将开打,一辉证明自己的机会也就此来临。


Release Date : ( Tuesday , 22 December 2015 )